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Welcome to MAVA Services, your ultimate destination for transforming frizzy hair into sleek, smooth perfection, and elevating your beauty with stunning color and highlights. Here at MAVA, we specialize in not just taming your hair, but also in enhancing its natural beauty and vibrancy with expert coloring techniques. Embrace the confidence that comes with radiant, beautifully styled hair.

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MAVA Anti-Frizz Treatment

The MAVA Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment is a formaldehyde-free solution designed to smooth and remove frizz from hair. It provides long-lasting results, making hair easier to style, whether curly or straight, and leaves hair silky soft and healthy. 


MAVA Precision Hair Cut

MAVA Precision Hair Cut offers hair designs that are tailored to frame your face and enhance your natural beauty, leaving you with a flawless and polished look. Trust our skilled stylists to give you the perfect cut every time.


MAVA Highlights

Our Highlights service offers natural color dimensions that enhance your skin color, giving you a radiant and glowing look. Let us help you achieve the perfect highlights that complement your unique style.

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The MAVA Anti-Frizz Treatment is an innovative and customizable, non-toxic solution for taming unruly, frizzy, and dry hair. This advanced treatment transforms your hair into stunningly smooth, shiny, and silky locks that maintain their beauty for at least 6 months. Formulated without formaldehyde, it's customizable to meet your specific hair goals, whether you desire pin-straight hair or a gentle relaxation of tight curls. Suitable for all hair types, including colored or highlighted hair, this groundbreaking treatment not only eliminates frizz but also rejuvenates and strengthens your hair, making daily styling a breeze. 


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