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Are You Running Out of Options to Tackle Frizz?

Updated: Jan 22

Say Goodbye to Your Frizz and Hello to Your Sleek Hair

It isn't surprising that in the summer, many people face growth in frizz, as this is a commonplace trouble in humid and warm climates. Everyone goals for smooth, frizz-free, and vivid hair; however, the combination of unexpected weather, excessive temperatures, humidity, and pollution can worsen the circumstances of your hair. Unfortunately, the fast-paced nature of contemporary life frequently leaves human beings with little time to commit to the right hair care.

As a result, individuals may also find themselves resorting to brief fixes like using a ponytail or braiding their hair to control the frizz and preserve a few stages of management over their unruly locks. These styles are sensible and can provide brief relief, specifically for folks who haven't had the opportunity to discover ways to care for their curly or frizzy hair properly.


However, relying entirely on those brief solutions may not offer long-term blessings for hair health and appearance. To efficiently fight frizz and keep healthier hair, adopting a consistent, caring and habitual hair treatment for frizzy hair in NY is vital. This is tailored to your specific hair type and wishes.

Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment

Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment


● Use a shampoo and conditioner which can be designed for frizzy hair. (ONLY ALLEVIATE) 

● Avoid the use of heat styling tools for your hair. (THEN WHAT?) 

● Use a depart-in conditioner or hair serum to help hydrate your hair. (TEMPORARY SOLUTION) 

● Get regular trims to keep your hair healthful and freed from split ends. (IT DOES NOT ELIMINATE FRIZZ) 

● Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated and assist your hair live hydrated. (THIS IS CRAZY) 

Please tell me while becoming the last time you confirmed a few more care to your hair aside from shampooing and conditioning. For instance, keratin remedies or relaxers? 

Keratin hair in New York has won popularity in recent years as a way to straighten and smoothen hair. Still, they have been issuing to controversy because of the presence of formaldehyde, a potentially dangerous chemical. Initially, those treatments contained higher ranges of formaldehyde, which certainly helped the hair live straight for longer durations. However, the high formaldehyde content posed fitness risks and led to diverse issues, prompting regulatory moves.

Formaldehyde is a risky compound that can produce poisonous fumes while heated during the remedy system. These fumes can worsen the eyes, throat, and respiratory system, causing discomfort and capability fitness issues for both clients and salon specialists. In a few cases, formaldehyde publicity has been related to extra critical health troubles. 

In reaction to the health dangers associated with formaldehyde-containing hair remedies for frizzy hair in NY, regulatory government within the United States took motion to protect clients and specialists. They banned or restrained the usage of formaldehyde in hair merchandise, consisting of keratin remedies. This measure aimed to ensure the protection and properly-being of individuals in the use of these merchandise. Due to those rules and customer concerns, many producers decreased the formaldehyde content in keratin remedies to conform with safety standards. While this decrease in formaldehyde ranges helped mitigate several fitness dangers, it additionally caused a reduction in the toughness of the remedy's effects. The hair treatment for dry hair in New York now tends to remain for a shorter length, typically a few weeks, before the hair starts off evolved to revert to its natural country. 

Unfortunately, locating a safe and long-lasting alternative to keratin remedies can be difficult. But there may be hope! Johan Roa, a New York City hair stylist for 25 years, has been operating on a new modern Anti-anti-frizz hair Treatment called MAVA. 

The MAVA anti-frizz gadget is designed to cast off frizz one hundred, no matter whether the hair is curly, wavy, or frizzy. It is freed from toxic substances consisting of formaldehyde. It can be customized and applied to coloration-treated or highlighted hair. The treatment takes approximately 3 hours to finish. Clients leave the salon with brand-new hair that is vibrant and healthy-looking.

The main issue of the MAVA anti-frizz treatment is a slight base that applied to the hair, after which it is rinsed out, followed by a neutralization cream. The hair is infused with oils and emollients during this technique to top off the hair shaft. Expert guidance and tips on alternate everyday hair behavior are shared with the customer. There is usually assistance for post-care hair rituals. Johan is dedicated to creating your existence, much less worrying about hair troubles, and offers hair remedies for frizzy hair In NY his MAVA hair care line is all you want to hold the new hair after the treatment 


Don't allow frizzy hair to spoil your summertime. Call us at 646 479 7925 these days to time table a video consultation! Mava Anti Frizz Hair Treatment: The technique for your frizzy hair issues.

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