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Keratin vs. MAVA Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment: A Thorough Comparison

Updated: Jan 22

Are you tired of your hair frizz? What if we tell you there are plenty of solutions to the frizz issue? However, you must choose the right care for yourself. Why? Well choosing the right treatment can profoundly affect not only your hair's appearance but also its health in the long term. Today, we compare two popular options: the Keratin Treatment and the MAVA formaldehyde free anti-frizz Hair Treatment in New York. It will help you make an informed choice.

Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment

Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment

In-Depth Comparison Among Keratin And MAVA Anti-Frizz Hair Treatment

Having trouble choosing the best treatment for your frizz? Fret out! We are here to solve it for you. Continue reading the blog to comprehensively compare Keratin and MAVA anti-frizz hair treatment. Thus, choose the right one for your hair.

Duration And Cost-Efficiency

  • Keratin Treatment: Keratin dry frizzy curly hair treatment in New York Offers only a temporary respite from frizz. This way, it will necessitate repeated treatments. The results will be the high expenses for hair care treatment bulging deep into your pocket.

  • MAVA Anti-Frizz Treatment: You get your MAVA anti-frizz treatment and bid farewell to your hair frizz for a long time. This treatment boasts a long-lasting effect, lasting over six months in most cases. Thus, it becomes a cost-effective yet quality hair care treatment for you.

Ingredients And Health Concerns

  • Keratin Treatment: Uses formaldehyde, a toxic ingredient that can cause eye irritation and sore throat when its fumes are inhaled. Additionally, the heat required to bond the Keratin can cause long-term hair damage.

  • MAVA Anti-Frizz Treatment: Focuses on enhancing hair health by allowing customization to individual hair conditions, facilitating even improvement in hair appearance and shine without the risk of toxic exposure.

Post-Treatment Maintenance

  • Keratin Treatment: Requires the use of sulfate-free shampoos, which can eventually make hair dull due to buildup. Moreover, the hair tends to look flat for the first week following the frizz free hair treatment no formaldehyde in New York.

  • MAVA Anti-Frizz Treatment: Requires only a gentle cleansing shampoo and conditioner, eliminating the risk of buildup and maintaining hair's natural bounce and vibrancy. It allows for immediate enjoyment, with hair looking natural with noticeable bounce and movement right from the get-go.

Styling And Lifestyle Compatibility

  • Keratin Treatment: Restricts styling options, especially in the first week when the hair remains flat and lacks volume. Moreover, it cannot be customized or applied selectively on virgin hair, limiting its versatility.

  • MAVA Anti-Frizz Treatment: Facilitates effortless styling with the freedom to use any tool, enabling individuals to achieve beautiful styles with ease. Furthermore, it allows for an active lifestyle, including swimming in oceans or pools, without worrying about affecting the treatment's efficacy.


Choosing between the Keratin and dry frizzy curly hair treatment in New York is crucial. It will prioritize your hair health, style flexibility, and treatment longevity. Do you want top-notch hair treatment for your virgin hair done by professionals? Don't worry! Our experts at The MAVA Anti-Frizz Treatment emphasize giving the best treatment with customization, natural results, and easy maintenance. Besides, we offer a more holistic and beneficial approach compared to the traditional Keratin treatment.

For individuals seeking a solution that combines effectiveness with safety and versatility, Our treatment at MAVA Anti-Frizz Treatment emerges as the apparent choice. Reach out to us now and avail of our quality services at the best prices!

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